Address: Ukraine, 01601, Kyiv city, PYROHOVA STREET, building 9, OFFICE 5-5

Date of foundation  02/12/2020

EDRPOU code 43506371

PIC 895789763

Association of Researchers of EU Values in Education has been founded in 2020 by group of EU Studies researchers, practitioners, trainers and educators. The core founders of AREVE are project team members of ERASMUS+ (in particular, Jean Monnet Program)  in Dragomanov Ukrainian State University (formed National Pedagogical Dragomanov University), Kyiv, Ukraine. There were successfully implemented projects managed by the President of AREVE – Prof Marja Nesterova. There were as follows: Jean Monnet Module “Social Cohesion in Education and Governance” (SCEGES), Jean Monnet Project  “EU Values of Diversity and Inclusion for Sustainable Development” (EVDISD), Jean Monnet Chair “Social and Cultural Aspects of EU Studies”. This projects have been successfully implemented and evaluated by EACEA. Now AREVE members join all activities Centre of Excellence “EU Studies of Social Innovation in Education” (ESSIE), Marja Nesterova is a Head of ESSIE. During these projects implementation the Association attracted many educators not only from DUSU but also from other educational institutions in Ukraine. AREVE members actively participate in all research and events of Jean Monnet projects, conduct it’s own research activity until now. Since 2020 AREVE members were co-organizers of more than 20 scientific events  and  publications.

At the moment, AREVE is Associated partner in UNICOM project – Capacity building Erasmus + project  “University-Community: Strengthening Cooperation” (UNICOM).

Board members of AREVE:

President AREVE – Prof Marja Nesterova

Vice President – Prof Natalia Kochubey

Director – Andriy Zamozhskyi

Number of volunteers is about 45 persons.

The main goal of the Association is to promote the implementation of the “Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union” through the dissemination of European values ​​in Ukraine.

The main activities of the Association are:

Study of the values ​​of the European Union;

Development of programs to familiarize with the values ​​of the European Union;

Organization of round tables, conferences, presentations aimed at spreading the values ​​of the European Union;

Creation of educational and methodical materials of acquaintance with values ​​of the European Union;

Promoting the spread and affirmation of democratic values ​​in Ukraine by disseminating information on the prospects of accelerating Ukraine’s European integration processes;

Participation in research, educational, cultural and charitable programs and events aimed at supporting Ukraine’s European integration;

Participation in the organization and holding of theoretical and scientific-practical conferences, debates, symposia, ceremonial meetings and other events;

Research of the current state of Ukrainian society, in particular social cohesion, assistance in the development of practical recommendations for accelerating the implementation of the values ​​of the European Union;

Development and implementation of training programs related to the promotion of the values ​​of the European Union;

Establishment of European studies in Ukraine and abroad;

Cooperation with the programs of the European Union on European integration, in particular, with the Jean Monnet program;

To train citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons, in order to spread European values;

Provision of advisory services to politicians of local, regional, national and European levels related to the dissemination of European values ​​in Ukraine;

Participation in projects to analyze and forecast the development of relations between Ukraine and the European Union and other international organizations and institutions;

Cooperation with public authorities in Ukraine and local governments;

Participation in the activities of the media through non-profit activities;

Publication of scientific, popular science and information publications;

Creation of sites, pages in social networks, for distribution of materials, scientific achievements, educational programs and activities of the Association;

Cooperation with other public associations;

Promoting the protection of professional, creative, scientific, legal, social, economic, ideological interests of the members of the Association.