Ukraine’s European integration path requires the formation of EU values in its citizens, in their minds and worldview. One of the important values that is currently relevant is the value of responsibility, which should be broadcast in relation to yourself as a person (responsibility to yourself), society (responsibility for your own actions and decisions), the environment, and so on. This can manifest itself in a responsible attitude to one’s own actions, others, consumption of products, production of goods and services, etc.
Within the framework of the European Union’s problem-solving orientation
one of the 6 key areas of the NEXTGenerationEU program will be the financing of investment projects in the following areas: Boost the green transition through the promotion of renewable energies, sustainable mobility and more, as well as the activities of Just Transition Fund, which is aimed at supporting the territories of EU member states that suffer losses due to the policy of climate neutrality. This indicates the urgency and relevance of research on responsible consumption and production.